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So I was on Pokemon Y, breeding Magikarps for the Wonder trade event that's going on tomorrow (RELEASE THE KHRP, watch… for details, SPREAD THE WORD) when suddenly...
It's male, Serious, Loves to eat, level 1 (obviously), 11Hp, 5atk, 6def,  5spatk/def, 6spd, Swift swim.
It's kinda lame that THIS is my first XY shiny, but oh well. It'll be an awesome red MeGyarados ^^

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Heatherthedragon has started a donation pool!
21 / 2,346
I'm gonna buy Premium when I have enough ^^
3:points:= Icon of your dragon
5:points:= Art of your dragon, no BG/Adoptable <- if claimed in time
10:points:= Art of your dragon, BG
15:points:= Headshot of your dragon
20:points:= Art of dragon w/ epic BG
25:points:= Your dragon with one of my dragons
30:points:= Very short animation (it's hard work using WMM for animations)
35:points:= Short-ish comic, at least 4 panels, at most 5 pages, note me a script of it if you want it to be cannon (for example, if you want your dragon to fly and meet another dragon and talk about their day you don't have to send me a note, but if they talk about a part of their backstories send me a note because I don't know about their backstory)
40:points:= A detailed drawing of your dragon in a pose (flying, attacking, etc.)
50:points:= Incredibly detailed art of your dragon
Last donation (2346 points total)= Premium membership, here I come!+Everything on the list+6 extras of everything on this list+5 free things you want me to do+MORE!
I will add new things once I think of them!
~:iconheatherthedragon: Heatherthedragon

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
My name is Heather, and I'm a dragon-obsessed teen. I'm also a girl gamer. I like a lot of other things besides dragons, that I change once I get into other things. Even though they change a lot, there are 2 that have stuck for quite a while:

Pokemon :pokeball: (Did you know I like Chuggaaconroy? And did you know that his Emerald LP is the reason I got into this series? My favorite games of this series are Mystery Dungeon 2 and 3, Soulsilver, and Black.)

Spyro :iconspyrothedragonplz: (Spyro 1 is likely the first game I ever played. I've loved it ever since. My favorite games of this series include A hero's tail, 3, and 2. [I also HATE Skylanders.])

Like I said, I get in and out of series a lot. These are the series I like as of now:

Sonic :iconsonicthehedgehogplz: (I got into this series back in 2011, but because of a top 10, decided to get back into it! My favorite games of this series include Adventure 2, Colors, Generations and Mega Collection [though that is sorta cheating XD])

Anyway, you may know me from other sites. I'm known as HeatherDragon on Spore, and as Heatherthedragoness on Youtube.
So here's a bunch of other stuff I wanted to put on my ID.
(If you're trying to scroll down to my comments but this is too long for you/you're too lazy, click this:… )
~You might know these collab series...~
:bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletgreen:Rise of the Dragons:bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletblue::bulletyellow:
:bulletblue::bulletgreen:The Journey of Pinto and Heather:bulletgreen::bulletblue:
~Heatherthedragon and HalfLlamaAllMagic~
~Best online friends forever~
Some written references for dragons:
~Heather written reference~
:bulletblue:Name: Heather
:bulletblue:Age: 13 (birthday: July 26th)
:bulletblue:Gender: Female
:bulletblue:Horns: Cone-like, white
:bulletblue:Skin (NOT SCALES): Cyan
:bulletblue:Wing: Cyan, yellow inside wing
:bulletblue:Eyes: Cyan
:bulletblue:Armor: Yellow necklace/neckbrace with a purple crystal and 4 string-like things on each side, 2 gray bands on legs
:bulletblue:Mother: Tina
:bulletblue:Father: Richard
:bulletblue:Mate: Inferno
~Rocket written reference~
:bulletblack:Name: Rocket
:bulletred:Age: 14 (birthday: June 10th)
:bulletblack:Gender: Male
:bulletred:Horns: Black, curved upward with a red lower horn
:bulletblack:Scales: Black
:bulletred:Wing: Black, red inside wing
:bulletblack:Eyes: Dark blue
:bulletred:Armor: None
:bulletblack:Adoptive mother: Starlight (black dragoness with an underbelly marked with star-like dots and blue stars on back)
:bulletred:Adoptive father: Comet (black dragon with white markings across body, blue back)
:bulletblack:Mate: None, but he's aiming to get Heather to fall for him.
~Jay written reference~
:bulletblue:Name: Jay
:bulletblue:Age: 17 (birthday: August 14th)
:bulletblue:Gender: Male
:bulletblue:Horns: Feathery, light blue
:bulletblue:Scales: Light blue with cyan streaks on tail and head, blue streaks on back, legs, and tail
:bulletblue:Wing: He technically has wings now (they're light blue, with a cyan inside) but I like drawing him without them because it looks better to me .3.
:bulletblue:Eyes: Blue
:bulletblue:Armor: None
:bulletblue:Mother: Unknown for now
:bulletblue:Father: Unknown for now
:bulletblue:Mate: None, but he does have a sister named Penny (looks exactly like him but with cyan eyes, blue hair and fur instead of feathers)
:bulletgreen:= Open
:bulletred:= Closed
:bulletpink:= Friends only
:bulletblue:= Always open
:bulletorange:= At a price
:bulletpurple:= On hold
Art trades: :bulletblue::bulletpink:
Commissions: :bulletorange::bulletgreen: (see Donations for more details)
Collabs: :bulletgreen:
Requests: :bulletorange::bulletgreen:
Gifts: :bulletpink::bulletgreen:
Kiribans: :bulletblue::bulletpurple:, more details below
My Kiriban goals: (from 4000-8000)
The next: 6800 pageviews.
Full list of my friends (no order):
:bulletwhite::iconfizzypumpkin: :bulletred::iconelusiveblaze: :bulletgreen::iconrobogame: :bulletpurple::iconurnam-bot: :bulletblue::iconazul10166:/:iconazul101666:/:iconariza666::iconazul-assassin: :bulletpurple::iconwretchedkalamity: :bulletblue::iconparisthedragon: :bulletgreen::iconpintofire:/:iconhannahmoon02:/:iconthepoisondragoness:/:iconhalfllamaallmagic: :bulletpink::iconxclockworkcalamityx: :bulletpurple::iconninakatarina:/:iconweirdandcrazycomicks:/:iconnikathedrake: :bulletpurple::iconlilnightingale: :bulletorange::iconcrisisastar15: :bulletyellow::iconbysthedragon: :bulletblack::iconlaurawolfe: :bulletblack::icongenedene16:
If I forgot you, tell me and I'll put you here.
~My internet family~
Long lost sister: :iconpintofire:
The clone of my long lost sister: :iconthepoisondragoness:
The other clone of my long lost sister: :iconhalfllamaallmagic:
Half-insane sis: :iconrobogame:
The insane sister playing with birds: :iconxclockworkcalamityx:
The sis upstairs watching anime: :iconnikathedrake:
The sis upstairs watching a different anime: :iconfizzypumpkin:
The epic brother: :iconbysthedragon:
The totally random sis: :iconazul-assassin:
The sis who fills me with "misery": :iconlaurawolfe:
The insane purple dragoness: :iconwretchedkalamity:
The one who cries sapphire tears: :iconlilnightingale:
The Aussie in the bedroom: :iconparisthedragon:
These people are the reason I am where I am today, where I got my inspiration when I was like 9/10:
Groups I'm in
________,88P_____________ Dragons
_______d888*_____________Unite !
____,888888888888888888b. Put this
___,8*_;88888P*****7888888 on your page
__,8;,_8888*________`88888 if you support
__)8e888*__________,88888 the Dragons.
_,d888`___________,888888 Dragon fans
,d88P`___________,8888888 vs
888*____________,88888888 the Dragon
_`P___________,8888888888 haters war!
______________88888888888 I'm on
______________88*._*88888 the
______________`888b.`8888 Dragons
_______________**88b.`*88 side!
_________________88888b.` For Ever!
__________________)888888 For the
_________________,88888*_ Dragons!
███████████████ INFINITY %
If Your Proud To Be A Dragon Lover
Stick This On Your Page!
90% of people say Wolves are mean, Copy and paste if your part of the 10% who says Screw you, Wolves are awesome!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*I wish to become a dragon* To fly accross vast lands, to be free. To escape the human world. And become the dragon I am. To be with my own kind.
---------------The DRAGONS-------------------

^^copy paste this to your page if you have a dragon within you, or would want to become a dragon^^
My accounts:
:bulletblue:Spore: HeatherDragon
:bulletgreen:DA: I think you can guess that.
:bulletred:YT: Heatherthedragoness
~OC list, descriptions and pictures~
Heather- A young cyan dragoness that lives on Dragonia, the dragon planet.
(…………………… )

Rocket- A male dragon who is jet black and falls in love with every dragoness he sees.
(……… )

Jay- A wingless dragon of the Pluvianimbus species.
(……… )

Heather-mander- A Charmander who was once a human who has adventures with the Treecko Rowan.
( heatherthedragonfans.deviantar… heatherthedragonfans.deviantar… heatherthedragonfans.deviantar… heatherthedragonfans.deviantar…… )

Azure- An Okami-in-training wolf that is all cyan.
(…………… )

Mudtalon- A gray she-cat of Thunderclan who has a long mud-stained claw on her left paw.
(………… )

Zexizard- A Charizard-dragon fusion, who used to be the evil dragon Zexon.
(no pictures currently)

Clawinite- A Dragonite-dragon fusion, who used to be the evil dragon Claw.
(… )

Fennel- A Fennekin with a flame-patterned scarf, and the moves Quick attack, Psychic, Flamethrower, and Aerial Ace. (Quick attack and Aerial ace are incorrect, but I still have yet to find substitutes.)
(… )

Kit Featherpounce- A cat Toon (Toontown) with her highest gags as Lipstick, Big magnet, Birthday cake, and Storm cloud. She likes to obsess over a certain Legal Eagle... (Since Toontown is now closed, this means that Kit is kinda useless now...)
(…… )

Talli and Likat: Two twin Tallikats who don't look any different than regular Tallikats. (Talli is just a female Tallikat, and Likat is just a male Tallikat.) They also have *CENSOREDBECAUSEIHAVEYETTOREVEALTHEM* forms.
(…… )

Fennel (becausexandyareout)
Once I think of something new to add to my ID, I add it. So (if you really care), check often! You might find some changes!
~:iconheatherthedragon: Heatherthedragon

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